Neural Organization Technique

Neural Organization Technique

We support the nervous system

A low-force chiropractic, evidence based, technique that aims to identify, stimulate, and re-establish the reflex systems of the gait mechanism structure, viscera and cranial function of the human body.

A woman holding a leaf spine depicting neural organization technique

The aim of Neural Organization Technique is to reorganize the function of the nervous system. These body systems are likened to a biological computer system composed of specific neurological programs for everything we see, do, and feel. Some programs are innate while others are acquired over time as the need presents itself.

Structural, bio-chemical and emotional balance

Using this analogy of a biological computer you can see how one survival system can affect the function of other biological functions. This can occur as a result of the same symptoms we are familiar with including various physical, emotional, and chemical stresses that present as back, leg, arm, neck and headache, tiredness, dizziness or pain.

Neural Organization Technique recognizes that traditional spinal care is not always sufficient for patients with complex clinical histories. Research in neuro scientific principles relating to the four main survival systems of Fight/Flight, Immunity, Digestion, and Reproduction has revealed how dependent the organization of these four survival systems are to the integration of the proper neurological function of the spine, extremities and cranial structures.

The methods utilized in Neural Organization Technique can help identify corrupt programs in the nervous system through a series of muscle testing protocols designed to assess how your body responds to what is termed the “in relation to” factors such as in the day/night, dark/light, posture, trauma etc., that occur at the time of any stress or injury. This way your problem is supported as it is found and consequently has the potential to heal and realign you back to optimal good health.

Current researchers in the field of neuro science continue to emphasize the role of the autonomic nervous system in health.

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